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album cover no podemos ser amigos

The Last Laugh

It was the summer of 2003, I think, that I spent a month in Philadelphia recording this album with Greg Weeks in a loft apartment on 3rd Ave. It’s hard to tell if  my attachment is greater to the songs or to the dreamy instrumentation. I love Greg’s production, as well as the sensibility of the people performing on this record… and the fact that we recorded it all to 8 track tape with vintage mics. I only wish we’d made a vinyl release.

The record label was beginning to cut corners. No videos were made and everything was rushed into the world, even the tour felt haphazard. I’m sure I participated in that sloppiness.  This was my third attempt at album artwork design. It’s a photo of me in my mother’s kitchen, having just arrived from another long bout of playing shows. It’s not a beautiful picture, but it captures the spirit of what my life was like.

Playing live 👉

The first video is a full recording of one of the solo shows I played in France promoting this record.

When creating setlists over the years, I tend to favor songs from The Last Laugh. I can tell by watching the second video, of a 2007 show at Madrid’s Moby Dick club. I’m also reminded of how during those years I never found a steady band of local players, each show I did with a band had a different lineup of good intentioned drop-ins.

In 2008 I started performing regularly with Robbie Jones and Marcel Mihok, and playing with a band became fun again.